official webpage for the brooklyn college teach-in & workshop series on resistance to the trump agenda.

THURSDAYS 12:30PM-1:30PM @ 2127 Ingersoll Hall

If you no longer feel safe in Professor Langbert’s class and would be interested in switching out of his class (you will not be penalized):

Go to the Office of the Dean of the School of Business located at 522 Whitehead Hall, 718.951.3166. Speak with Dean Willie Hopkins ([email protected]) and/or Associate Dean Susanne Scott ([email protected]), and they will move you to another section. To file a Title IX complaint against Professor Langbert:

The Title IX Office investigates allegations of sexual misconduct and discrimination. If you, or someone you know, has experienced sexual harassment, gender-based harassment, or sexual violence, please report it to this office. Contact Patricio Jimenez, Title IX Coordinator, 718.951.5000, ext. 6468.

Our Personal Counseling Office assists students confidentially with personal issues or problems, including stress, depression, anxiety, trauma, substance use, and emergencies. Contact Adriana Di Matteo, 0203 James Hall, 718.951.5363.

The Women's Center provides academic crisis intervention and advocacy to students, as well as referrals to off-campus legal, social, and counseling agencies to support students on a wide range of personal, emotional, and social issues. Contact Sau-fong Au, 227 Ingersoll Hall Extension, 718.951.5777.

Brooklyn College Health Clinic is a primary care facility where our students receive evaluation and treatment for acute and chronic medical conditions as well as guidance on practices that promote good health and disease prevention. Contact Ilene Tannenbaum, 114 Roosevelt Hall, 718.951.5580.

The LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and/or Questioning) Resource Center is both a welcoming space and supportive network for LGBTQIA students, staff, and faculty at Brooklyn College. Contact David McKay, 219-221 Student Center, 718.951.5739.

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