official webpage for the brooklyn college teach-in & workshop series on resistance to the trump agenda.

THURSDAYS 12:30PM-1:30PM @ 2127 Ingersoll Hall

Fire Professor Langbert: This petition serves to seek justice for the members of the Brooklyn College campus community in the form of tangible disciplinary action taken against Professor Mitchell Langbert. The following documents include a list of demands, and a Title IX complaint to be filed with the attachment of petition signatures. On Thursday September 27, 2018, the accused, Associate Professor at Brooklyn College’s Murray Koppelman School of Business, Mitchell Langbert, published statements on his blog—which is linked on his official Brooklyn College faculty profile—that are deeply concerning. His statements encourage violent behavior that violates CUNY’s own sexual misconduct policy and threaten the safety of the campus community.

President Robinson: Support a Fair Contract with the PSC, Including a Fair Wage for Adjunct Faculty: We, the undersigned students, staff, and faculty (and other allies) of the Graduate Center, call on you to take a public position in support of a fair contract between the University and the Professional Staff Congress (PSC), a contract that includes a major increase in adjunct faculty pay. We stand united as full-time and part-time employees, staff and faculty, joined by students, in support of the PSC’s demands.

Apartheid Divest CUNY: We, a diverse group of students at the City University of New York (CUNY), have launched our Apartheid Divest CUNY campaign to call upon the respective Undergraduate Student Governments of each educational institution as well as the University Student Senate (USS) to urge our university to financially divest from the companies currently complicit in, or profiting off of, the State of Israel’s ongoing system of military occupation, apartheid, genocide, and other human rights violations in Palestine/Israel.

Brooklyn College Belongs to Us: a petition which requests that lines of dialogue be opened between our school's administration and the student body at large, regarding the prescence of police on campus.

Sign the petition: Tell Ben Carson to stop Trump's housing cuts!:

Hundreds of thousands of people rely on essential Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) programs to have a decent place to call home.

President Trump and Secretary of HUD, Dr. Ben Carson, are proposing to cut over $7 billion from HUD’s annual budget, a drastic change that will force people out of their homes and eliminate vital services.

These cuts will be an absolute disaster for our communities. It's not too late! Sign the petition demanding #NoCuts to HUD!

Defunding housing programs, while giving billions of dollars in tax breaks to Wall Street, is an insult to our poorest communities. It’s immoral and unjust. Instead of cutting funding to HUD, we need to fully fund it!

Sign the petition to Secretary of HUD Ben Carson demanding that he stop Trump's cuts to HUD, and instead call for full funding of federal housing programs.

Thank you for taking action.

A Call to Action for Higher Education: The following pledge is being circulated by students, staff, faculty, and administrators across the United States. In the face of a climate of increasing bigotry and violence, we call on the university community to engage in a moratorium on business as usual and take action in solidarity with the immigrant worker strike on May Day.

CUNY to Charles Schumer: Vote Against DeVos: We call upon New York Senator and Democratic Minority Leader Charles Schumer to vote against the appointment of Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education.

Malliotakis and Castorina - DROP THE LAWSUIT AGAINST IDNYC!: Assemblymembers Malliotakis and Castorina have filed a lawsuit to expose the personal data of hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers - including many undocumented residents, to the Trump administration. Tell them to drop the lawsuit NOW.

BROOKLYN COLLEGE: Please consider signing this petition urging President Anderson to declare Brooklyn College a sanctuary campus.

In making this request to President Anderson, Brooklyn College is joining a national movement of colleges and universities refusing to collaborate with Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

CUNY: Sign this petition for Chancellor Milliken to make CUNY a Sanctuary!

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